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I read the posts on this topic and before taking the plunger out I measured its heght.
One thing that caught my attention is that the fuel distributor started to leak so suddenly. The inside of the air intake was crystal clean a few week earlier. Then last week I noticed some dirt on the walls of the air intake, looked inside and saw fuel.
As you say,there is no seal against the plunger itself, so I am assuming that the plunger may be worn or something went wrong inside of the fuel distributor.
After disassembly I reassembled everything and restarted the car. The car is running but the plunger is still leaking.
I then took out the spark plugs and it turns out that the #2 and #3 plugs were covered with black stuff. This might be because of the fuel passing into the air intake is mainly sucked by the #2 and #3 air intake tubes.
If anyone has any info please share.
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