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My average is only 21.5 mpg and my car runs lean!! My driving is mostly at 60-65, a little 35-40, some stop and go and some at 75-80. So mixed would be a good description.

suginami, I ordered the Shift Knob and the shaft yesterday. Missed the lower price by a day!! Maybe I can get the surround from the other website.

I have noticed some missing or more like a hiccup at idle, more noticeable at cooler ambient temperatures.

References have been made to the 124 driving nimbly! The one thing these cars are good at is triple digit speeds. Compared to the 126, 124 maybe better around town, but my 99 Pontiac Montana is quiter and easier to drive around town. Smooth take off from a traffic light is very tricky on my 124. Maybe its the difference in the accelerator pedal calibration.

On the highway is where my W124 always brings a smile to my face and everything else is forgiven!! I would choose this car again, even over majority of the 2003 offerings!
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