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Hi Dan, I had the dash to pieces on my 500SEL a few months ago and as Larry says, care is the key. First you need to pull the ashtray out and then locate the 2 screws holding in the ashtry holder, they are ususally 2 #2 phillips headed screws holding it to the frame. Disconnect the plug holding the power for the ashtray lite then pull clear the ashtray chassis. The small pocket below that that holds the 2 switches for the electric seats and rear blind contol will then pop free but no need to remove this. Remove the radio/cassette player and once this is out you will see again 2 screws holding the lower half of the a/c panel to the frame, remove these and then the a/c panel will drop down and you will then be able to get behind it to release the quick connects for all the switches and controls, remembering of course where they came from when you need to reconnect it all up again. I replace the whole wood set on mine as age had taken it's toll and cracks were all over the place, can't remember exactly what the dealer wanted for the 2 pieces, but I do recall the wife and I did not eat for a week ! Good luck and careful as you go !
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