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Accelerator Hesitation on 2002 ML-320??

Last July a problem with my wife's 2002 ML-320 popped up. Of course they could not duplicate and the problem is still here....but this morning my wife called and said she was thru driving the MB.

I swapped cars and it did it to me (as it has been off and on since last July) step on the gas and nothing - I mean nothing - happens for maybe two or three seconds. We live in extreme South Texas so it's hot (mid-90's) and humid and the MB was warm from driving approx 30 minutes earlier. The tach does not move at all....just nothing. It does not stall and keeps running...just no throttle response. Type of gas has not changed. Needless to say it was scary (this was the first time it did it to me) and I must admit I was a bit like "OK sure" when my wife has complained about it.

At the time a year ago there was some vague directions of where to go...and a mention of this problem big time in Southern Florida. Has anything changed since them on a fix?

Much thanks!
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