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What caused me to put DOT 5 in the Toyota in the first place was the fact that within 3000 of the time I bought it at 40K, the front and the rear brakes had both leaked, and of course then I had to change BOTH cyinders and BOTH calipers and so when the master cylinder started to leak, I said the hell with this and flushed the system and put the DOT 5 into it. Perhaps the problem was the quality of the rubber brake parts made for the Toyotas.

I have had no problems with the brakes on either Mercedes and have since begun to drain and replenish the DOT 4 fluid every 2 years.

Before this, I had never heard that brake fluid ever needed replacing. It seemed pretty nasty looking to me, and I suggested that it needed to be changed, but the mechanics would just say īt just gets like that".

Of course this was back when the mechanics I came in contact with were pretty much 8th grade dropouts.

I have never had a problem with boiling brake fluid or brakes fading: not too many mountains in FL.
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