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I don't know how anyone can answer your question correctly. We weren't there when the alignment was done and we don't know what the tech did. We don't know if he noticed any drift or how me may have compensated for it. I have had my car aligned a good many times and I more experienced in this regard than most. But I don't do it everyday for a living. Lately I know what corrections will be made before I get to the shop. In my experience MXV4 tires are very good and they are frequently recommended by top mechanics, especially those who service Mercedes. They are OEM for E-series. The extend of drifting with road crown depends on tires and alignment. The Kumho's may exacerbate the condition because of different handling characteristics. My rule is 'two fingers'. If I can control the car without much effort with two fingers then I'm happy. Don't know what others think of that rule, but it works for me. If I have to fight it, I look for problems. Lately for me that's been wheels and tires. Camber and caster can be adjusted to lessen the effects of road crown. Some techs will add 0.5 deg caster to the passenger side and drop 0.1 deg camber to the drivers side in states where the roads are heavily crowned.

Brian Toscano
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