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Unhappy Check Engine Light

The Check Engine light came on today on my 95 E420 with 102K; car had just returned from a 30 mile drive with no problems and had been sitting for about 30 minutes. Car has been running fine, mid-20s MPG on the road but my wife complained last week it seemed to be rough idling at a stop light. A search of this site indicates the likely suspects are O2 sensors or possible vaccum line break.
What does it take to get a "code reading" i.e., what tool purchased where? Can the code be reset by merely disconnecting the battery and reconnecting? Where in the engine compartment? While I consider myself handy for most repairs I don't know smog stuff - is this something better left to my indy mechanic?
Finally, are O2 sensors something I should be replacing purely based on miles or does one wait until they fail? I'm thinking of replacing them even before the trip to the mechanic with the "universal sensors" mentioned by ke6dcj if that is the case.
Thanks for the help.
Cheers, Denny Argall
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