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Hey all!

Sorry I've been away so long but I recently had to have surgery on my left hand due to a brake light bulb from a C280 shattering while I was removing it

Anyhow, After the fact, I read up on a service bulletin about how the reflective piece behind the bulb (top most bulb, '94-'99 C-class) comes loose and melts the bulb in the socket making removal tough. I went to grab the bulb and while I was twisting it just shattered all in my hand. Although in keeping with the Mercedes-Benz customer service standards, I did still replace the bulb for the lady (albeit with one extremely bloody hand--I used my right hand this time) and learned my lesson the hard way. Two emergency room doctors could not manage to get any of the glass out, even under a real-time x-ray or so called floroscopy. And it took 6 shots of novicaine to get my hand numb enough for them to even try. So the following Monday I had surgery (this occurred on a Saturday) and have been squeaking by as a right hand bandit for a couple weeks now. Went back to work the next day after surgery (again, keeping with a loyal commitment to Mercedes-Benz service) but would love to have some feeling back in my fingers by now! So I'm typing this one handed, and I hope it's legible! Anyhow, a lesson for everyone, PLEASE use thick gloves or alot of rags to grab any of these bulbs because this has been a major pain in the you-know-where. Ok, enough for now, I'll keep watch on the board and as soon as I'm good as new again, I'll do my damdest to help you all out once again!

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