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W124 Rear Suspension R&R

I had my 91 300E on the hoist the other week to change the brake fluid and pads when I noticed many of the rear suspension bushings looked to be in bad shape. Closer examination revealed deteriorated and missing rubber, I made a metal note to check the archives then finished brake job. Well, 3 days of reading post replys later I'm more confused than when I started. The workshop manual (technibooks W124 1985 - 1995) is of little help as it only describes R&R of shocks, coils and axle for the rear suspension.

What I need to know are the parts/bushings I can replace to smooth out the ride without effecting the alignment of the rear wheels. What parts/bushings replaced would require re-alignment ( so i can break the job up into seprate sessions if need be). And also what, if any, special tools I'll require for replacing bushings. Any tips & tricks would be greatly appreciated... silicone spray is on my shopping list for starters.

The age of the car in addition to it having seen many a winter have undoubtedly taken thier toll on many of the rubber components, of which I have replaced several. (engine mounts were by far the best bang for the buck repair) I'll be tackling the sub frame mounts later this summer, after I become more familiar with the rear end and do my homework in the archives.

Cheers for now.
91 300E 190K Km
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