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I do my own front alignment on all my cars with an inclinometer and a tape measure, and I set my alignment to "performance" specifications. It takes some time, but I get what I want!

I have my 2.6 set for maximimum negative camber and maximum positive caster available in the adustment range, equal on both sides. This yields about -0.75* camber and 10.5* caster, and the total toe-in is set at 1/16".

201 front camber and caster alignment set with the cam bolts on the lower control arm mounts. The front controls camber and the rear caster, but there is some cross coupling. I started by setting the cam bolts to push both the front and rear pivot axes as far outboard as possible, which maximizes negative camber and postive caster, then pulled back the highest readings to equal the lowest so I got zero cross camber and cross caster. I also did my '84 2.3 the same way back in '85.

On a level road the 2.6 tracks dead straight and will drift slightly to the low side of the road in response to road camber. Tires are 205/55ZR-15 Dunlop Sport 8000s on 6.5" wide 300E wheels. It handles great, but still understeers more than the old 2.3 due to the heavier six-cylinder engine. The 2.3 handling was about as neutral and forgiving as one could ever ask for, and with some sticky 195/60HR-14 tires on the skimpy OEM 14"x5" wheels, it was killer.

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