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Thanks to all who support this site--it really is well done and very helpful.

On my 93 500SEL (19K miles), about once a week (for the last 5+ weeks) and usually when the humidity is high, the following occurs: Once I switch the right turn signal, the indicator and the exterior lights (right front and right rear) "stay on" even after I move the switch to neutral. They stay on even if I switch off the ignition. The only way I've been able to return the system to normal operation is to activate the four way flasher for several "flashes" and after the right indicator flashes, the turn signal switch returns to normal and usually doesn't fail for about another week. This is starting to occur more frequently and under less humid conditions.

Should I replace the bulbs on the right side--is there a "flasher" unit that might be failing or should I take it in for service?



'93 500SEL
'84 300SD(Donated as a tax write-off at 240K)
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