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06/11/03 Update

I have the car back and it drives fine. The mechanic lifted off the fuel distributor from the mixture whatamacallit, cleaned the oring and reinstalled it. Since then the ride runs and accelerates fine. I drove it around town yesterday and to work this morning and all is well far. And I also dropped a bottle on techron on 1/2 tank a gas.

The only outstanding issue is with starting. It has yet to start on the first crank as it did prior to this problem. One workaround, however, is to crank w/o engaging engine X3, then fully crank. Engine starts up sluggishly then runs fine. Note: engine starts fine if restarted right after the initial start up.

Research here and on suggests the following potential sources of this issue:
1) Fuel accumulator (sp)
2) Cold start valve (or starting valve/fifth injector)

With the two items above in mind, I have the following questions:
1) What is a nice short test to find out if the fuel accumulator is bad? Is the cranking but no engine start X3 the best test?
2) Is the cold start valve the same as the starting valve, mentioned in the service CD, and is this the same as the fifth injector?

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