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Seems there has to be a leak somewhere.

My first guess would be that your heater core is leaking. Would not take much of a leak here to smell the antifreeze.

Also, any antifreeze that hits hot metal (like an exhaust bit) will vaporize, and this vapor may be sucked into your vent system intake. Very small amounts would create a strong scent in this case. This would be more noticeable in traffic, because the vapors would not be blown away. Could be a very slow leak, so it is not noticed by checking the level.

Look around very carefully right after a nice hot drive. You may find it. You may even here it hissing.

I just got a UV Dye Leak Detection kit. I got it for AC, but the directions say one of the dyes can be used for coolant. If your leak is very elusive, this would do it.
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