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It's probably a little bit too far to hike, but I just had my E420 aligned at Johnson's Alignment in Torrance. The guy is a Porsche fanatic and works on a lot of high performance race cars. He does his alignments 'by hand'. I think 'by hand' means without lasers. In any case, he does a fantastic job and even has you sit in the car while he makes the final adjustment.

I don't know if this is a gimmick, but the end result is phenomenal. On the highway, it's like a completely different car. The ride went from very good to absolutely flawless. No vibrations whatsoever at any speed, no pull, awesome response. Part of my problem was worn out lower control arm bushings. Have you looked into this? I don't know if the W201 is known for wearing them out, but I guess it's very common on the 210.

At $500 for R/R the bushings, four-wheel alignment and balancing, he doesn't come cheap, but I think it's well worth it.
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