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HJAMES608> I can tell you that the cool harness as refered by "mr. Goodwrench" is something you will want to install. I live out in Asia and with the cool harness, my car operate at 90 all the time. When I go up-hill, reving the car, it shoots to 100 and comes down as soon as i stop reving.

Also check the fan clutch, not the aux. fans. it dows wear and mine was replaced even at 50k kilometers. This did a lot of help too.

Finally, my mechanic changed the t-stat to something low. He said 71 degree but I am not sure if 71 degree does exist so I guess he might not be too honest there. BUT at least he know I need the lowest possible.

CAN I ASK?? your procedures in taking the door trim off? I have searched and read... A lot about coupe with a hook or whatever which is different to 4-doors. What is the procedures, what u had to remove and tips...

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