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Update: ok found the temp sending unit, but...

found the temp sending unit but there are 2 wires. One comming from the temp sending unit, and another wire (which was disconnected). I asked my dad's friend what that was and he said that it goes to the guage. Although the fuse between the wires was missing. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I'll try to take a pic of it today.

In the mean time, I'll call the MB dealers to see if they carry this "fuse".

To: Mr. LarryBible - I don't know how I fixed the fuel guage, all I did was disconnect the fuel sending unit, blew away the dust, then reconnected it, and like magic the fuel guage was working again. ??? P.S. thanks for pointing out the temp sending unit.

To: Mr. Goodwrench - If my mom continues to have problems after I reconnect the loose wires I found near the temp sending unit, I'll double check that regulator that you mentioned. Although I'd hate to have to take that insrument cluster out. I did more damage than good when mine (86 300E) was removed to change one light bulb. Now the RPM guage, clock, and economy, and both lights don't work....DAMN IT!
1986 Gold 300E 4Dr automatic

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