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Great to hear that it was a simple fix. I agree I really like the classic lines of the W140 over the newer models. I run at 80 to 90 here in California. I have read the mod. that Jim has done on his MB (the site Mr. Goodwrench is telling you about) and it sure does make a lot of sense. It is a simple mod. that you can do with great results. Mr. Goodwrench is right, you should consider it since you live in Florida and you get pretty hot there. I look forward to the pic. of your ride. I will get a pic. to send to you too. I have had mine for about four months now. Dark metalic blue with AMG Monobloc rims 255 45 18's.

James, I just thought of another thing that I read about here in this forum. The Evap. core is a challenge in the early years of the W140. Have you had to have yours chaged out yet or was it done before you purchased the car?
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