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I took the online 609 certification test just last week from IMACA for $15 and already received my certificate and wallet card (yesterday in the mail). However, they misspelled my name and I'll have to get that corrected. Besides my 1988 260E I also have a 1980 Camaro and a 1988 Nissan. They all will continue to use R12. Somewhat off subject, I read two military "after action" reports that sung the praises of a test at Keesler AFB (back in 1996 as I recall) where they replaced the R12 in their aging vehicles with Free Zone RB-276. I'm not here to debate their results but I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has actually tried the stuff (and not other "similar" products) and found RB-276 to either work "as advertised" or not work.


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