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There are four channels total coming out of the factory amps. Each channel corresponds to a corner of the car. Treat the dash and door speakers as one corner. In fact, think of it as one speaker. Each corner equates to a 4-ohm load so you don't want to break the front sets unless you're able to futz with matching impedances. The balance and fader functions of the new stereo will work as they should. The fader behind the shifter won't. Use it to fade the cabin dome lights

Your new stereo should have a four channel output. Run the 4 wire pairs to the back of the cabin; left channel towards the left rear speaker, right channel towards the right rear speaker. Just below the speakers tucked behind the seatback are the amps. Tap the speaker wires into the amp harnesses. Gray with black stripe and gray for the front, yellow with black stripe and yellow for the rear. Same color codes on both sides. Leave the amps disconnected!

The most difficult task will be removing the rear seatback. I haven't figured out how to do it in my SDL. At most I can tilt it forward but I can see that this bends the frame of the power reclining mechanism. It still works so maybe that is the way to do it.

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