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I am going to remove the yellow filters on the foglights. I found this by doing a search on this borad:
124 removal-first you have to remove the headlight wipers, then the retaning plate/trim strip...the screws/nuts are fairly easy to find. Then you have to CAREFULLY pull up the retaining clips on the headlight lenses themselves in order to loosen the lense. Also, make sure you have removed the turn signals to assure clearance. I don't quite remember, but there may be a screw or two securing the lens to the headlamp assembly, the key is NOT to force anything. Once you have the lens off, just pull back the clips securing the yellow filter and pull it off. With my 124, which is a 1990, the filters were brittle so wear gloves as it can break in your hand. Good luck, as the results are worth it! Even the stock h3 bulbs look a lot better and brighter...upgrading to some PIAA or Solaris bulbs should be even better.

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