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Don't even mention the dreaded evaporator! I'm not sure if it has been changed before I got it, but so far [touch wood] everything's fine.
I know all about the horror stories regarding the evaporator on these cars. In fact, it seems to be a common problem with all the so-called high end European cars. I had to replace the evaporator in a Porsche 944 that I have, and that also required you to remove the dash. I did all the grunt work removing everything then took it to my mechanic to install and gas up the new unit. That kept the overall costs down.
Similarly with a Jag XJ6 I had, although I managed to get rid of that before it became too bad.
Look forward to seeing your car. Sounds beautiful. I sent a pic of mine as an attachment, and am not sure if it went through. Do you know how to include a pic ?

"Mr Goodwrench", thanks for the info on the link - will check it later. The "Cool Harness" sounds like exactly what I need.

"h-shek", also thanks for the tip regarding the fan clutch, will be checking that, although I think that was checked and a new lower temp thermostat installed when the work was done replacing the head gaskets. Don't remember what the new operating temp is/was.
Regarding the door trim, I have never had to remove it on this car, so am not too familiar with the procedure. It just seems like it would be a pain in the ***.

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