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W210 combination switch broke!

I broke it! pulled to flash headlights while turn signal was on while turning while trying to avoid a crash while wife was screaming while radio was on while closing my eyes . . . . anyway, it's broke.

Turn signals work fine, wiper too. But the spring for the headlights seems broke. The lever is loose and flops forward and backward easily. This causes the high beams to come on and off a lot.

Took of the little black cover and it looks like there's a pin that runs through the lever and into a box type fitting that holds the lever in an allows it to pivot forward and backward. This pin is pulled out of the hole in the box, not the lever.

Question: How difficult is it to change this switch? Can I replace this box or does it come a one complete unit?

With my luck I figure taking the whole steering column apart taking the tires of and removing the engine!:p
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