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Could be other things.

Bearing noise will usually change or go away when you turn one way or another.

Bearing problems will eventually show up in uneven tire wear, esp. cupping.

Hub with worn bearing may feel notably hotter than the other side after a fast run.

Bearing that is already growling should be replaced, not repacked. Don't forget to order the grease seals!

The hard part of Front Bearing replacement involves driving out and reinstalling the races. Well, driving out is not that bad, but it helps tremendously to have the right tool for install. I got by for years scrounging together pipes of the proper diameter, carefully working brass punches, using the old races to drive in the new ones, and so forth. Always managed somehow.

Finally got a $50 race install set from Lisle. Not sure why I waited so long... Too cheap, I guess, but what a waste of time!

Still helps a lot to put the races in the freezer before driving them in. Heating the hub is optional. Contraction is a marvelous tool!

Best of luck.
1986 300E 5-Speed 240k mi.
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