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Just to let you know guys what happen this afternoon. My best friend came to our office parking just before noon to help me out figure this thing out. We recheck the wires, plugs, distributor & rotor. Check each wire and plug for spark test. All came ok. Once you turn the ignition you can hear the hissing sound of the pump. So we decided that the pump is a ok. Last night while scanning through my Factory Service Manual i noticed a photo on how to test the Fuel Pump Relay. So this afternoon after everything was checked and after tiring ourselves thinking ( because all our knowledge in starting stuff was coming to an end). I decided to do what the manual showed me. Hot wiring it and viola it started quickly. No hesitation or what. Sounds like a champ.

So thats it, our conclusion is the Fuel Pump Relay.... removed my white plastic gloves and said HALELUIA... . Good thing no one in my office looking at me...(well , its lunch time what was i thinking....:p )

Immediately call up Phil in the partsshop and order the relay. Overnight shipment.

I pm'ed Steve our beloved moderator on his thoughts on hot wiring it just to bring my baby home but he hasn't pm me yet. So i am still waiting for him to give me a go signal if its ok if not i'll just wait for my relay to come and just plug it in. The reason i am asking is that our office parking lot is not really safe. I'm just afraid someone might take her from me....

I'll keep you guys posted on how the outcome once i installed my new pump relay.


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