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300E Blower out/flashing lights in the night

I gave my 74 year old mother the 300E. I have never had trouble with the blower control...until, alas, it went out after she had the car 4 days.
The car has been having a strange issue with the lights. When you press on the brake with the headlights off, the "bulb out" light comes on and the lights for the window switches, dash switches all flash on and off quickly. As of this weekend the Climate fan won't work on any speed.

I'm trying to diagnose the car before she spends 5 hours driving it to me (the car is in Arkansas). After searches I have narrowed it to:

1. Voltage Regulator/Alternator brushes
2. Blower Fuse Link
3. Blower Regulator

I appreciate any ideas before she drives it here
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