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update 06/11/03

The car ran like a champ during the drive to and fro work today. I, however, still have the problem of hard/rough cold starting.

A lot of researching led to a lot of usefull pointers but also conflicting information. Below i am outlining a test plan and I hope that you will comment on it.

Research leads to the following items as the [I]only [I] potential sources of my cold start problem:
1) fuel accumulator
2) leaky fuel injector
3) leaky fuel distributor

Test Plan:

1) to test the fuel accumulator, I am going to unplug the fuel line --a forum member called it the "small line" and stated that ".no fuel should flow out of it when the engine is running". I am suppossing that if fuel runs out of it then it is defective. Is this test correct and is my supposition correct?

2) To test the fuel injectors, I am going to disconnect them, leaving their connection the fuel distributor intact, and look for leaks/drops. If leaking then replace. If not leaking then look at fuel distributor

3) to test fuel distributor ...., no idea what to do but hope that one of the two above is the culprit. Process of elimination worked for the SAT so I am hoping it will work here.

Prior to commenting, note the followings:

1) vacuum leak mentioned in previous posts was found under the fuel distributor --sound like it was coming for the o-ring under the distributor.

2) i am also going to get a hold of a fuel pressure gauge to test, overnight if I have to, the fuel pressure to determine if there is a loss and how much this loss is

3) a succinct description of my start issue: will not start on the first, second, or third crank. Will stat, however, if the key is turned far enough to turn the dash lights on and start the fuel pumps x3 then crank all the way. Car slugishly roars to life, idles, ****, and runs fine. Smooth like butter after the hard cold start. Note starts up fine if turned off then started right after the initial start-up.

Thanks for reading and responding, in advance.
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