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looks like I need to replace my evaporator and I nuts???

I had Brumos inspect and test my a/c system...they evac ac recovered .9 lbs added 2.5 lbs, ac is leaking at compressor and water drains to the evap are showing dye, also freon odor in cabin. Blew cold for me on the way home. Next afternoon my wife calls and says its blowing hot again Could it be something else?????? Added moe freon the other day and same result, overnight it was blowing hot again

Cost to do evap and comp is around $3600 at Brumos. Overby's wants about the same. Both have 1 yr warranty. Another local indy called AutoBahn quoted around $2300 over the phone with 6 month warranty.

I am planning the evap removal and reinstall for this weekend. I have a good friend who is a Mazda tech and former Ford and Nissan Tech. He'll be doing most the work as a big favor to me and I'll be helping. I plan on buying an ACM evap with expansion valve form Phil at FastLane, an o-ring kit and the high pressure line o-rings along with a drier. My friend has a pump and the tools he'll need. I am a pretty good diy wrench myself with a good tool collection. Need a Miata wrenched on, call me

I am looking at compressors. Probably do the compressor the following weekend. Phil sells a new compressor for under $800 and a rebuilt for under $500 with clutch. Local autozone had one for $350 with clutch and $40 core. All have a one year warranty. Opinions on compressors?

What else should I replace while in there with the dash out...heater core?

I love the car, it has 77k miles. Looks great, runs great, has the a/c problem and the occasional code 26. Newer tires, battery, OVP, valve cover gasket, fluids, full records, no accidents...etc. Local dealer offered me $10k on a trade but I owe $14K Should I take a bath on a trade or fix it. They have a real nice 99 c230 with 33k miles for about $20K but I'd have to roll in my negative plus I want an extended warranty on any used car I buy from now on, especially a Mercedes.
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