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I am out in Hong Kong.... where it is HOT and humid.....

The cool harness is great. JimF gave LOTS of support to me while trying to figure what was the problem I had with the car. No fuss, no hassle.... i properly gave him more hassle than what the CH is worth! I have the CH-92.

I have the early 92 W140 model. Just the M104 3.2 litre.

The Cool Harness will help you with the heat. Your fans will run properly non-stop like mine but it will only mean wearing out the fan motor which is a replacement item anyway. My alternator did went out few weeks after the Cool Harness. I think the break down did not relate to the Cool Harness but the use of it have made the problem surface a lot quicker. As we all know, alternator break down in stages and takes about a few months to completely die!

Your fans turn when you have the A/C on anyway so don't worry about strain on the power system. Jim confirmed to me that my head lights use more power than the fans! I did notice that if I have the A/C on, lights on, fog light (front and rear) on, the rear window de-fog on, radio on and with the aux-fan running, the reading on my multi-meter falls to 12.3v and lower... No big deal, I just test the limit and avoid turning everything on at the same time....

the next thing to fix is my close assist pump which I am trying to run a wire from the boot to the cabin and reset the pump from inside the cabin when the pump go south! Still trying to locate a hole on the rear firewall...

not to mention a lose part in the rear view mirror which I am trying to get help from members here...
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