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It's Timing Chain time and Anxiety is high!


I am an avid reader of this site and believe it to be one of the Best! I have reviewed virtually every Post on Timing Chain for my 560 SL.

Well, now is my time to schedule the appointment, and to get it done. I saved the money and need to get on with it. Despite the fact the car is running better now than ever.

It actually makes me ill to think about this job. I even thought of taking it to Atlanta , leaving it a week with our sponsors just to eliminate my anxiety. It's not a bad idea, but I live in Maryland and that's a long haul. I spend money and Love this car, but I think maybe that is overkill! (By the way, people have laughed at me when I tell them about this thought process)

I'm a guy who drives 45 miles just to get his laundry done at a special dry cleaner, so I'm not skiddish about finding the right spot. After 2 years of using the current shoppe, I have some trust level. So that's behind me!

The question:

When you take the car in, and to avoid further discomfort, what do you recommend that you say to the shop in regards to "Hey. Joe. while you are in there doing the chain how about checking the following things just to make me feel better"

What are those things you should list as items to check and repair or simply check or better yet what can be cleaned, restored, replaced etc. so that additional peace of mind can be given to a brain dead MB owner like me? I would really like to avoid that age old mechanic response, "Golllleee, Tom I wish you had said something about that, and I would have looked into that when I did the chain"

By the way, I know this should be posted on the SL Board but I get better technical help when I Post here. Forgive me devoted loyalists!

All help graciously accepted, All slings and arrows deflected, appreciation grandley deciminated (sic)!
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