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93 300E 104.992(3.2) eng. 84,000mi.

I would like to find out how to retrieve the
trouble codes using push button and LED light onthe diagnostic terminal.

How do you properly erase all previous codes

Using the push button and counting blinks of
the LED light, I was able to extract the following codes: 32, 41, 44, 104, 105
What do the preceding codes signify?

Items replaced since purchase in July:
0-2 sensor
Plugs,bosch F8DC0
Plug wire,and long plug leads from ign. coils to the plugs.
New engine electrical harness
New water pump
New thermostat
New thermostatic fan clutch

Engine seems to run fine,no miss or hesitation. Check engine light came on after
a long drive. I disconnected the battery negative cable with the ignition switch in the on position, and the check engine light
went out.
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