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dealers here are a joke. It really is. Can you believe they charge 20000+ USD for replacing the front suspension of a W220!! YES its 20K not 2K!!!

My evaporator has been changed 5 years ago. Hope it will stay good. But nowadays, a lot of independent tech can replace it so I am not too worried. At least I can fix it under realistic price.

I don't have a sun roof. One ledd thing to fix. Yours having problems. Make sure you lube it with ONLY mercedes benz sun roof rail lube or what ever they call it. Anything else will ruin it as I have read...

Wiring harness.. nothing yet. Fingers cross.

My tech said I have some problems with the computer that control my idle speed. The piece that connects with the air-flow meter. Basically my car will stall if I do a FULL turn, stressing the power steering pump to max. well I don't have a problem not turning it to max. In fact, I never do, my tect did it and it stalled on him!

I don't have access to Water Wetter. But with what I have I am happy enough. I don't want to drain my system when Winter comes where I do need some heat to stay at 80 degree
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