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"One more thing, what's the best way of testing/isolating this problem i'm having. should I jack the car up and rotate the tires?"

Yes, though if you suspect a particular 'corner' as the source, just rotate that one tire elsewhere. If that is the cause, you'll notice the sound source moved as well. If it is the bearing, you won't.

If a bearing, I have also found it easy to tell off the ground by rotating it. However, the pads must be removed, and axle if a drive wheel. This is also best done if directly compared to a good bearing, e.g. doing the same thing with the one directly across the vehicle.

I once found a bad rear bearing in my Integra (fwd) just while replacing the rear pads. Rotating one felt a tad rougher and swooshier than seemed right. Checking the other side confirmed it. It was not even noisy enough that I had noticed it while driving, but I DID notice something was missing from the sound envelope afterwards (not a real quiet car).


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