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What % should I tint my black 190? Quick help needed.

I have to decide by my Saturday morning appointment, so I appreciate your responses.

1. The tint shop (very reputable, full guarantee, does all the high end stuff for the NFL Titans' players) suggests 20% sides and rear. My understanding is that the % refers to how much of the natural light the tint will allow IN. That is correct, right?

2. I don't want to look like a limo. I want it to look like more of the darker factory tint.

3. Also, would you recommend a slightly lighter tint on the front windows than on the rear doors and back?

Here is my car:

This link is to a car with 35% and it is just about what I am looking for.
Click here for a pic of what I'm looking for

Thanks for your help. I have to decide by Saturday morning.
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