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87 560SEL Window Regulator Nylon Guide In Track

Any help would be appreciated. The nylon guide on my 87 560SEL rear right window has broken and I need to put another one in. This is the part that helps raise the window by traveling in a steel rail. The window motor moves an arm that pushes the guide through the rail to make the window move up or down (see pictures) I have it out, door panel out, etc and I am about to buy the new guide. The question I have is this. It seems that I will have to drill out the steel stud in the metal pin that is in the center of the nylon guide - not a bad problem. Then I will have to insert the new steel pin into the arm and then "peen" (hope I got that spelled right) over the pin so it will not fall back out again. This seems like a real problem without taking the whole arm, etc out which seems like way too much work. Is there any after market part that has some sort of screw, rivit, whatever method af attachment so I dont have to "peen" it over or is there a smart method to do it in the door or am I getting it wrong somehow. Any help would be great - thanks! PS the picture of the part is accurate but the picture of the arm, door, etc is not accurate and just to show what I am talking about.
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