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Some comments based on . . .

my experience with the 'tubes'. These are some things that I have observed in my car and the one other at my tech's shop.

1) the 'immediate' indication is the loss of oil pressure after the engine is warm: when cold, the pressure reads 3 bar; when warm (80C or greater), the pressure reads about 1.25 bar. Of course, this is stil close to Mercedes min spec, so you may not notice it. This drop is immediate whereas the following is not.

2) It appears that when a tube 'blows', it takes a few weeks before the lifter ticking starts. Also, you can 'stop' the ticking temporarily by forcing the car into high revs: use first gear at a stop and take to 4-5K rpm before shifting into 2 gear. Do that a couple times, and no more ticking for a day or so. Also taking it on the 'road' at 65-90 mph will quiet the ticking. This is not necessarily recommended!!!

Caps: I would think that they drain out during an oil change. Never personally seen one but since they are smaller than the drain oil, it seems logical.

-fad: look at my web page, Menu #19 and you can see that the 'caps' are pressed-in. After time, heat and oil pressure those tubes can (and do) blow out. Saw tubes on a '92 500SL and these are METAL with spring-loaded ball-bearing ends. NEVER fail. I'll bet they don't make those anymore. But they would fit??

PS: EMB had ALL tubes replaced with the METAL version described above. Definitely worth the price and good move.

Price: The wholesale price of the 'plastic' tube is apx $9.83. Mercedes of SD charges $13.94 over-the-counter.

Power: I never noticed any power loss but didn't have seven (7) blown tubes. Surprised that your car didn't exhibit multiple ticks.

I don't believe I commented on the power loss. But I do believe that with seven (7) tubes blown, it DEFINITELY could be the directly related to the tubes.

placo1: BION, my tech's car does the same thing: first start cold in the morning, it ticks for 5 seconds or so. Don't think it's tubes.
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