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Questions about purchase of '79 240D

Hello all. I am consdiering the purchase of a 1979 240D for what appears to be a very cheap price. I have not seen the car yet but will on 6/13 in early afternoon.
It has a hole in the oil pan. Is this a troublesome repair? I have received conflicting information on the amount of work involved. From what I've seen here, it seems like an easy repair. The owner was told it would be a $1500 repair so maybe there's more wrong. The car was not driven w/o oil. It was shut off right after it was damaged.
The owner believes it has just over 150K miles. It has a rebuilt engine (not sure why) but has not been driven for 4 years. Anyone have any experience resurrecting one of these cars after such a long time period of inactivity.
Most likely it will need 4 tires and I've had some trouble finding tires specifically for this car. Any thoughts?
I sincerely appreciate any suggestions made and I hope I can join the ranks of Mercedes users in the next few days.

Todd Woods
Round Rock, TX USA
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