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I REALLY hope you did NOT use a scotch brite wheel or other gasket removing wheel on a drill to do all this cleaning! The grit from that operation will wear out the motor so fast that you'll be taking it apart again before fall!

Did you do a leak down or compression test before disassembly? If you did, then you know if the problem was ring or valve related. I fully expect that this much oil in the chamber has to come from the piston/cylinder, not the valve guides on that hole.

Unless you KNOW that the problem was valve guide related, you really should pull the piston from that hole, and if you can feel a ridge, carefully remove the ridge with a ridge reamer before pushing out the piston.

If you DID clean everything with a gasket cleaning wheel, you will have to figure a way to thoroughly flush the grit, preferably before starting the engine, and I don't mean simply relying on an oil drain.

Best of luck,
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