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Well, I finally got the head off my 300E. After blowing the head gasket about two months ago. I removed the plugs and turned it over. It appeared that there was a little water in the back two cylinders. The dipstick looked okay, no hint of water in the oil. I squirted oil in the back two cylinders and hoped that it would wait on me.

When I drained the oil yesterday, there was a lot of water in the bottom that came out before the oil.

When I got the head off, the front four cylinders were badly rusted.

Because of everything going on and my travel schedule, the car sat for a long time. I am really bothered to see this rust. I cleaned it up as best I could, turned the engine, oiled the cylinders, cleaned some more, oiled again, and so on. I got the cylinders pretty clean and left a good coat of oil on them and then covered them with rags.

Since the engine has not run with the rust on the cylinders, do you think, I am going to get by with this? My thinking is that when I put it back together I will run it to operating temperature, then drain the oil and change the filter, then maybe run it a few hundred miles before changing oil and filter again.

Any thoughts or bets?

Thanks to everyone,

Larry Bible
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