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Air Mass Potentiometer, DIYer?

I have already posted similar things but have not recieved any good responses. I am planning to replace the AMP (Air Mass Potentiometer) on my father's '87 300E. It has 3 symptoms that I have read about and seem to all be related to the AMP. They are as follows:
1: Car starts then dies immediately, will restart right away. Will not happen if it is given a little gas.
2: Has a rough idle. I have cleaned ICV at least 3 times with carb cleaner and still no fix. Would it have to be replaced?
3: Sometimes has a hesitation when taking off from stoplight, etc.
Can I just put the new AMP on the side of the air mass sensor? or do I need to calibrate something? Any help would be ever so greatly appreciated. I have read the thread with all the pics but I just want some clear answers on what I need.
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