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1995 C280. Had my 30K service done by
ind. MBZ. shop month ago. Got it back with
background rumble in idle. Got it back again
today with new spark plug wires(no chg.) because an end cap was apparently broken
(mechanic probably broke it-they r having problemos at shop)
The issue is that the car has less violent
'rumble but after it is warmed up and in park or neutral, I can feel tremors to the seat of my pants in driver's seat. Like a heart arrythmia. Tach needle just moves up a hair.
It did not have this behavior before
the 30K service, so I wonder whether this
is normal idling or whether I should suspect the new plugs (gaps or failure) ?
I feel like taking it to the dealer and giving the bill to my mechanic.
Please help!

1979 300D
133K miles
1989 300SE
1995 C280
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