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The cylinderhead was picked up from the machine shop today. I will have pictures as soon as I take them. The shop said that cylinder# 3 valve guides were fine and all the seal are still holding fine. His statement worried me. I did not do a leak down test or a compression test before disassembly which is a mistake. I am thinking about doing a leak down test after I put the head (Is that possible without causing any damage?)If it is the piston on cylinder #3, I will need some help on what to do or may just endup selling the car. I have pulled several BMW cylinderheads and never seen this condition. The car builds up pressure quick when I take off and the engine was smooth before disassembly. The top of the block was carfully cleaned with a blade followed by a scotch brite on a rotating wheel. However, the wheel was dipped in oil and each piston was set at TDC. I used electric contact cleaner spraying around the ring area then suck it with a shop vacuum and whipe it with a shop towel. When the piston is lowered, I can see a ring of dirt. I wipe again and again. This is how I got them polished. Any comments would be welcome and appreciated. I will have more updates as soon as more work is done.
Question: How hard is it to only remove piston #3 to put new rings and do I have to do the whole block?
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