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Thank you KenP, I will confirm with them if I should connect it to the alternator or the starter, and I'll remember to disconnect the battery before hook it up.

The 96 coupe has H4 bulb, and there are 2nd generation HID Bi-Xenon H4 kits available on the market. (1st gen Bi-Xenon is not reliable), as I've heard. Two kits I'm looking now are from and . Hid-online has Philips components, lifetime full replacement warranty. Proxenon has Bohmen components, one year warranty, a small but sensitive ballast that they advise not to let it touch the ground ! Both have 6000k color bulbs and claim that their bi-xenon technologies are reliable, I don't know if they're the same.

I have an 6000K H4 kit with low beam only for another car from hid-online about 2 years ago, and it's working fine. With their lifetime warranty, I don't have to worry much about it. For inspection, just change the bulbs, unplug the ballast wire from the original bulb connector and plug the connector back to original bulb. ( I choose to go to an easy inspection station though
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