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E320 Stalls After Idling For 15 Minutes

This is 97 e320 (13000miles) had been in accident air bags deployed, no phisical demage to engine.

I just received my obd II scanner .
I read the codes: PASS NO CODES

There is no check engine light comming on.

I just replaced 3 resistor ends on the 3 ignition coils.

I replaced the air mass flow sensor.

I removed the old spark plugs champion c11ycc, they were all with black charcoal on their tips.

I installed the spark plugs Bosch super f8dc4 gap 0.34.

I started the car and it started running rough and backfire and while it was running I disconnected the plug from cam positioning sensor and also from idle stabilizer for a few seconds .

After about a minute or 2 the car started to run super smooth like a swiss watch.

It was running for about 5 minutes temperature 85C, I pressed the accelerator a bit but started very rough and from that moment on was getting worse and worse while idling and then it stalled.I could not get it started again , it looks like it is flooded,

The next day I started the car again and again rough for 1 or 2 minutes than super smooth like a new car for about 15-20 minutes and rough again and then stalled, could not start it again.

While the car is running smooth and I touch the gas pedal it starts rough backfire and stalls.

I did not check fuel pressure yet, only opened the valve on the fuel rail to see if there is fuel , it is comming like from water house.

I removed the vacuum line from fuel pressure regulator to see if it is leaking , it is not leaking.

I appreciate all the help I can get to get my car running and driving.

Thanks allot
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