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But, as I stared again at your question, I just thought of something. You said, "high and to the right"!
Are you aware of the "Euro" beam pattern (as in "Euroheadlights")? This is quite different from headlights usually used in domestic cars in the USA. It is intentional that the beams of the headlights be low and horizontal on the left (driver's side, so as not to blind oncoming drivers), yet rise progressively higher as you follow the top edge of the beam (i.e., the cutoff) to the right. It may seem, to the inexperienced, to be too high to the right, but this is correct.
In light of this, could you be thinking that only one side is shining up high to the right, when, in fact, both are? This would be perfectly NORMAL and intentional. In fact, it is so desireable that many folks, my self included, have spent hundreds of dollars on their older MBs to install so-called Euroheadlights to have the safety of such a superior beam pattern.
Is this what you're observing?
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