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Just FYI for anyone in the future...

I figured out the problem with the needle - it was the bearing on the back of the speedo that the cable plugs into. The grease had dried out and was crumbling out of the socket. I had tried light oil/ATF at first, but it only worked for a couple days at best. Then I decided to try White Lightning, since I had picked some up to try on my antenna.

I put a couple of drops on the bearing, let it dry for a couple hours, and tried it out. It smoothed out the speedo for about two weeks. Then I took the cluster out again, and really went at it - a couple drops, let it sit, a couple more drops, spin the bearing, let it sit, a couple more drops, sit overnight, etc.

It's been about a month or so, and the speedo needle still moves smoothly. Hopefully it'll last through the summer, we'll see how it goes when the weather gets cold again!

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