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Question 104 engine injector seal question

I've removed the fuel rail and injectors from a '93 300E 3.2 (104.992 engine). I pulled the injectors out of the fuel rail to have them cleaned and hoped to replace the upper (fuel rail) and lower (intake manifold) seals. The lower seals are on order but MB says the upper seals are not available separately so they're not even shown in the parts diagrams.

The old seals are in fine shape so I'd reuse them if I had to but I've got 8 "O" rings for a 6 cylinder car.

Are there really supposed to be two upper injector seals and if so, where do they go? One on the injector itself and one between the injector and the rail? Both on the injector?

I may well have misplaced the other 4 seals but I need to know where they go if I find them. I can't even find the intake manifold and injectors in the factory service CD.

And while I'm asking, anybody know of a ready source for replacement seals?


'93 190E 2.6 Sportline
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