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Okay Meza, you have come this far, don't put the head back on until you have fixed the bottom end problem.

I have never done it, but my Haynes manual says that you can block up the engine by loosening the motor mounts and raising the block. By doing this, you are supposed to be able to get the pan off without pulling the engine.

Remove the pan, disconnect the rods and keep the caps in proper orientation with each rod. If the bearings look good, just reuse them but in their EXACT original position and well oiled upon reassembly. Push out the pistons and clean off the scotchbrite residue from EVERYTHING. Replace the rings after thoroughly cleaning the pistons(not with scotchbrite please,) use a ring compressor and put the piston back into place.

Since you are seeing crosshatch everywhere, you should not have to mic the cylinders.

Putting the head back on to do a compression test is the WRONG approach. If you find a bad ring on 3, you will just have to pull it back off.

Again, you've come this far, now finish it up and you will be happy with the car, rather than starting over with another.

Good luck,
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