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Tax Bills Gonna Make My Head Explode

Now the House has passed the All American Tax Relief Bill which provides $1000 child tax credit to low income families (i.e. families that do not pay income tax). Also included are families that make 110-150K a year (initially excluded from the credit). New bill will cost $80 billion instead of 3.

Now there are complaints that military families that DO NOT PAY INCOME TAX will not be eligible for the child tax credit.

Kabooom! Head just blew up.

How do people who do not pay income tax get a TAX credit?!?!?!?! I pay income tax, get no credit and the money goes to people who pay no taxes. That's not tax relief, that's income redistribution. We have welfare for that! This whole tax thing seems like a runaway train that's gonna blow up in our faces in about 5 years. Yay!
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