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Just had some unibody-bending work done to my '87 560SL, and I have to give big props to Sears Imported Autos in Minneapolis (and mgr. Bruce Bigalke) for taking such good care of my previously-wrecked car.
But the work left me with some squeeks that seem spring/shock-related (when I get out of the car, there's a moderately high-pitched squeak/moan) and when I'm driving, there's a very high-pitched chirp coming from the stick shift that goes away when I put my hand on the stick, but returns promptly when I take my hand off.
Do I just need some grease? I tried a little WD-40 down the shift hole, but to no effect.
Any ideas? Or is this one for the mechanics?
I don't have a lift, so I can't really get under the car.
Thanks in advance, and get well wishes to Aaron and belatedly, to Donnie


'87 560 SL
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