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380sl center vents not working. Yes, this is a common problem

After operating the A/C I realized the center vents do not function on my 1985 380sl.

Did a search on this subject and found it to be a common problem. Unfortunately, the info is mostly for other models.
What I have learned is the following:

- The vents are operated by vacuum via an actuator.

- The defrost vents and center dash vents may be related in operation...each with there own actuator.

- The actuators can be labor intensive to get to. But I don't know where they are on the 380sl.

- Actuators can be expensive, however, if the diaphram is the culprit thre are sources to buy this part seperately.

- Problem may also be vacuum supply to the actuator(s).


-Can anyone direct me to the location of the center vent and/or defrost actuator and perhaps an idea of how to get to it?

-Any other obvious components to consider?

-Is there a vacuum diagram available on the net?

Any and all help is appreciated!

'85 380 SL (sold)
'85 Carrera Flatnose
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